When All That Glitter’s Gems Competition Jewelry & Accessories was started in 2014, the Owner & Founder Jacqui Rose knew she wanted to provide a product that would uplift women by making them always feel glamorous & beautiful. All That Glitter’s Gems is not just IFBB & NPC Competition Jewelry, All That Glitter’s Gems is a way of LIFE. We are an advocate of WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, we support women who do amazing things! In addition, we offer UNIQUE, STYLISH & AFFORDABLE crystal rhinestone jewelry that can be worn both on and off the stage.

We are a community of STRONG & POWERFUL GODDESSES……that celebrate women not only on the stage but off the stage as well. Strong Goddesses lift each other up not put each other down.

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For Questions, Comments and Concerns please send an email  https://www.allthatglittersgems.com/contact-us/