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From Dumbbells to Dollars: Unraveling the Financial Investment of Bodybuilding Competitions

by jacqueline solomon 19 Apr 2024 0 Comments
dumbbells to dollars , unravelling the financial investment of bodybuilding competitions.

Hey there, Goddess! So, you've been hitting the gym like a boss and now you're eyeing up your first bodybuilding competition? Or maybe you're already a seasoned competitor, but you want to get your finances in check for the next showdown? Well, guess what? You're in luck, darling, because we've got all the answers you need RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! Check out our latest blog post, "From Dumbbells to Dollars: Unraveling the Financial Investment of Competing in a Bodybuilding Competition," and let's get this party started! 💰🔥 💪🏾

Alright, let's get down to business, shall we? First things first, we need to create a budget that's as tight as your abs after a killer workout. Whether you're a spreadsheet wizard on Google Sheets or you prefer to keep things organized with a project management board like Trello, it's time to lay it all out.

We're talking gym fees, posing coach fees, prep coach fees, and don't forget about those essential supplement and meal prep costs. Sure, we've grouped them together for now, but trust us, each of these is a VIP in your journey to competition success. So buckle up, because we're about to dive into the nitty-gritty of each one. Let's do this! 💼📊💪🏾

  • Prep Coach: Whether you opt for an online coach or a local one, thorough research is crucial before making a final decision. During preparation, it's vital to ask questions and challenge any practices that leave you uncertain. Remember, it's your body, and you should always feel comfortable with your choices. James Ayotte, the Owner & Founder of Team Atlas, emphasizes the significance of hiring an expert coach for success in bodybuilding's competitive realm. According to James, 'An expert coach brings specialized knowledge and tailors training and nutrition plans to each athlete. This personalized approach ensures each athlete can optimize their physique, improve their performance, and maintain their stage presence all while maintaining healthy practices.' The insight, expertise, and mentorship offered by a dedicated coach like James are indispensable in this competition prep journey. Training costs with Team Atlas can vary depending on the package you choose. Their plans typically include detailed meal plans, training regimens, cardio plans, check-ins, and more. If you're interested in exploring Competition Prep Services with TEAM ATLAS, you can CLICK HERE!
  • Posing Coach: Having a posing coach is a part of prep that often gets overlooked but is just as important as having your prep coach. Sierra Swann, 3x IFBB Bikini Olympian, Posing Coach and owner of "Swann's Beauties" states, "It's a shame to have a killer physique, and not being able to showcase it. A great posing coach is your 2nd set of eyes. These eyes pay close attention to the fine details, these same details are what can separate a 1st, 2nd or 3rd placing". Posing workshops are amazing as they can show you posing basics, but having one-on-one posing will give you the time and attention you truly need to help you find the perfect poses that accentuate your strong points. The cost of hiring an experienced competition posing coach can vary greatly depending on the coach's experience, location and how many sessions you require. If you'd like to work with Sierra, she offers 1,3,6 or 8 sessions and you can expect to pay anywhere from $45 to $345 for packages. Posing is an integral part of your success as a competitor so please don't neglect it. 
  • Meals & Supplements: When it comes to food and supplements, it's all about finding what works best for you and your goals. If you're taking the DIY route with meal prep, expect to shell out around $125 and up per week on groceries. But hey, if time is of the essence and you're leaning toward a meal prep service, be prepared to fork out a bit more moolah.

    Now, let's talk supps. Your coach might have you on a regimen that includes aminos, pre-workout, protein powder, and a whole cocktail of vitamins. And let's be real, those gains come at a price. You're looking at around $250 a month just to keep your stash stocked.

    But hey, there are ways to save a few bucks, my savvy goddess! Whether you're feeding a whole crew or just yourself, buying in bulk from spots like BJ's, Costco, or Sam's Club is a smart move. And don't forget to hunt down those discount codes for your go-to supplement brands. Every little bit helps when you're chasing that championship title! 🏆💰

  • Gym MembershipAh, the gym membership – the holy grail of gains! By now, you've committed to taking your training to the next level, so let's talk numbers. Gym memberships can vary widely, starting as low as $20 a month for a basic membership at a spot like Crunch. But if you're looking for the luxury treatment, you might find yourself shelling out around $285 a month for a swanky joint like Lifetime Fitness. It's all about what fits your budget and your lifestyle, baby. Whether you're hitting up the budget-friendly options or living the high life at a premium gym, just remember: every rep counts, no matter where you're pumping iron! 💪🏋️‍♂️💸
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach: Consider this an add-on to your prep journey: strength and conditioning sessions. Now, depending on your prep coach, you might luck out and find that these sessions are already included in your plan, especially if you're local. But hey, not all coaches roll that way. Some might offer these sessions for an extra fee, while others might not offer them at all. If you're feeling the need for some extra strength and conditioning love but your coach isn't delivering, you've got options, darling. You could hire a strength and conditioning coach independently to give you that extra edge. Now, keep in mind, this isn't a mandatory part of your competition prep, but it could be the secret sauce to taking your performance to the next level.  Now, let's talk about the difference between a personal trainer and a strength coach. While both are fitness pros, the focus here is on movement quality. Strength coaches are all about optimizing performance and preventing injuries, whereas personal trainers might have a more general approach. Bottom line? Find what works for you and get ready to crush it! 🏋️‍♀️🔥
  • Tanning:  Let's talk about that golden glow – tanning is an absolute must for rocking the stage at a bodybuilding competition. Trust me, you don't want to leave this to chance because a bad tan could seriously mess with your placement. So, leave it to the experts, my friend. Now, you might have heard about self-tanning kits from companies like Liquid Sun Rayz and Pro Tan, and sure, they're an option. But unless you've got some serious skills in the self-tanning department, we're gonna steer you away from that route.

    For that flawless, competition-worthy tan, it's best to shell out around $150 for a professional job. But if you're feeling brave and want to give it a shot yourself, DIY kits from both Pro Tan and Liquid Sun Rayz will set you back around $100 to $110. Just remember, practice makes perfect – and orange streaks are a big no-no on stage! ☀️💪🏅

  • Competition Suit: You can’t compete in a bodybuilding competition without a competition suit. Make sure you buy a suit that fits you well, flatters your physique, and is of excellent quality. A custom suit is always a better option because it's made especially for your physique. A ready-made suit will not offer the same benefits as a custom-made suit because it wasn't made based on your measurements. Maria Thiakos, owner of Goddess Glam Suits, states, 'Every physique is different. There are coaches that offer cookie-cutter diets and training regimens; likewise, there are off-the-rack/rented competition bikinis made for whoever can make them work. Then there's us; we design our bikinis specifically tailored for the physique of the person ordering it. Having a custom-made bikini flatters your physique and should always be personalized, just like your training and diet should be.' The cost of your suit will vary depending on division and customization, as a bikini or wellness suit can range from $400 to $900, and a Figure or Women's Physique suit can go up to as much as $1600. The ideal timeframe to start your order would be 8-9 weeks out from your competition. You put your all into your prep; don't fall short due to a poorly fitting suit that didn't flatter your physique, which could result in being marked down. For more information and to check out Maria's creations, visit

             goddess glam competition bikinisgoddess glam competition bikinis

  •  Hair & Makeup: Let's talk show day glam, hair and makeup services are an absolute must!! This is a very important part of show day because you need to look your best from head to toe! Amber Pacholok, owner of Amber P Beauty, Makeup Artist & Hairstylist, who also happens to be an IFBB Bikini Pro, states, "You may understand makeup, but understanding makeup for competitions is different due to understanding the color theory with the stage tan." Amber highly recommends that first-time athletes never do their own makeup, even if they think they're good at it because they don't understand what it should look like. Certain colors that look good in real life don't translate well on stage, and this goes for hairstyles as well. Hiring a professional is also a plus because the less you have to worry about on show day, the better... leave the fuss to someone else so you can sit back and enjoy your competition day experience. If you'd like to work with Amber, please visit where she has a list of her available s availabeshow dates, services and prices.                amber p beauty 
  • Jewelry & Posing Heels: Welcome to the main event – the moment you've been waiting for! It's time to step into the spotlight and unleash all the glitz and glam you've been working so hard to achieve. But hey, the fun doesn't stop there! Once you've nailed down the design of your competition suit, it's all about accessorizing like a pro. At All That Glitters Gems, we're here to make sure you shine brighter than ever. From complimentary jewelry styling to custom sets tailored to perfectly complement your suit, we've got you covered from head to toe. So, don't wait any longer – get in touch with us today to discuss your jewelry and posing heel needs. Trust us, darling, with the right accessories, you'll shine brighter than a diamond on that stage!     

                             GREEN AB JEWELRY SET ALL THAT GLITTERS GEMS  

  • Show Registration Fees: Depending on the level of the show fees will vary. In the NPC a local or regional show depending on the promoter will run you about $180 per class if you pre-register. If you register the day of,  that price can increase by about $75. When you register in more than one class or division (called crossing over) you can expect that fee to double for two & triple for 3. classes which you are considered to be a cross over competitor. If you plan on registering for a national level show where you can win an IFBB pro card, you must first qualify by placing either top 5 in open or placed top 5 in any national level show/ ifbb qualifying show. National show fees will cost you $275 and up per class entered depending on the show you choose. .
  •  Federation Membership Fees:Ah, the world of federations – it's like a buffet of options out there! From NPC to OCB, PCA to WBFF, INBF to NGA, the choices are endless. Each federation has its own vibe and rules, so it's worth checking out their websites for all the deets. Now, let's talk cash. If you decide to roll with the NPC, you'll need to cough up $125, for the OCB $115 to join for the year. But here's the kicker: that card is only good for 2024, no matter when you snag it. Even if you score a shiny new card in October 2024, you'll still need to renew it come January 2025 if you're planning to hit the stage that year. So, mark your calendars and keep those cards handy – it's all part of the game, baby! 💳🏆📅

Apply for a 2024 NPC membership card here

Apply for a 2024 OCB membership card here

  • Travel & Hotel:

    Once you've committed to competing and secured a coach, it's time to set your sights on a show date. This crucial decision is based on a thorough evaluation of your physique by your coach, allowing both of you to realistically gauge what you can achieve within the allotted time, considering the division you've chosen to compete in.

    Now, here's the deal with show dates: they're flexible... to a point. You can change your show date if you haven't registered yet, but once you've forked over the cash, consider it locked in – no refunds, no turning back. That's why we highly recommend picking a show close to home. Why? Well, having your coach in your corner is key, plus having your loved ones nearby for support can make all the difference in the world.

    Sure, jet-setting to a distant show might sound glamorous, but let's talk expenses. Whether you're hitting the road or taking to the skies, costs can vary – think gas or plane tickets, hotel stays, and if your coach is tagging along, you might be on the hook for their travel expenses too. But hey, if you're part of a team, you might be able to split the coach's fee among your teammates. It's all about weighing the pros and cons and finding what works best for you and your support crew! 🏆✈️🚗

  •  Photos/Videos: Lights, camera, ACTION! The big day has arrived, and it's time to showcase all the blood, sweat, and tears you've poured into your prep. But hey, with all the chaos backstage, you might not have the chance to capture those epic moments on stage yourself. That's where the pros come in, Companies like Gilco Productions offer professional photography and videography services on stage for a fee. But here's the scoop: before you take the plunge, make sure you know who will be capturing your shining moment at the show and if it's worth the investment. After all, this is your time to shine, and you'll want those memories to last a lifetime. So, seize the moment, strike a pose, and let the cameras roll! 📸💥🏅

Turning heads on stage at a bodybuilding competition is a massive achievement, but let's be real – without proper planning, it can leave your pockets feeling as flat as a pancake. That's why it's crucial to do your research, folks! We've laid out the basics to give you a sneak peek into what you'll be diving into.

But hey, we're all ears – did we miss anything? What other expenses have you stumbled upon while prepping for a bodybuilding competition? Whether it's unexpected costume mishaps, last-minute travel hiccups, or those sneaky hidden fees, spill the beans below and share your wisdom with us!

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